Chick-fil-A named Tim Sweetman franchise owner of the chain’s Peninsula Crossing restaurant as the hiring of upwards of 100 new team members began.

Millsboro’s first Chick-fil-A is under construction at 30141 Commerce Drive and is projected to open this spring. The 5,000-square-foot location on Commerce Drive will include a heritage restaurant interior design that showcases handmade, authentic materials for a vintage-inspired interior, including a large gathering table made from reclaimed wood, subway tiles and a light fixture made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles. Drive-thru service will feature two ordering lanes merging into a single lane for pickup; and the restaurant, with indoor seating for 107 and additional patio seating for 12, will include a two-story play area for children.

Sweetman has begun hiring as many as 100 team members as he builds his Peninsula Crossing staff. He is filling full-time and part-time positions in all areas of the restaurant, including leadership development, hospitality, catering, training and marketing.

Interested applicants can apply by visiting