The Parker Group at Linda Vista Real Estate Services has created #localheroes: Welcoming our Heroes Home, a home buying program to help locals who serve in law enforcement, military, education, fire/emergency services and health care.

By discounting their own realtor fees and negotiating reduced inspection costs, lending fees and attorney fees, The Parker Group has created a way to make home ownership

more affordable for local heroes.

“So many of our public servants put in long hours for what is not a large salary at the end of the day. Many of these people volunteer huge amounts of their time for free. We want to say thank you by helping to make home ownership a reality for them,” said Parker Group Realtor Kelsey Skeels, herself a Marine Corps veteran.

In addition to the discounts for those in public service, The Parker Group will be celebrate local heroes through a video profile series of the same name, #localheroes. In it, heroes from around the state will share their stories of hard work and sacrifice.

The Parker Group has offices in Seaford and Lewes.

For more, visit or call 228-5204 or 313-1600.