The Department of Justice reported that Cortez A. Hamilton, 35, of Smyrna agreed to tell where his wife's body was located in exchange for a plea of second-degree murder.

A plea bargain last week has provided more answers to a 2015 case of a missing Smyrna woman who was presumed to have been murdered by her husband.

Cortez A. Hamilton, 35, of Smyrna, faces a prison sentence of 15 years to life after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for the killing of his wife, according to a press release Jan. 26 from the Delaware Department of Justice.

His wife, Keisha Hamilton, and their two children were reported missing from their home in the Twin Willows neighborhood in January 2015 and a nationwide Amber Alert was issued.

Police in Indiana found Mr. Hamilton and the two children together in a car unharmed, but didn’t find Mrs. Hamilton. During their investigation, Indiana State Police found a bloody hammer, bloody clothes that belonged to Mrs. Hamilton, her wedding ring, a lock of her hair, her purse, her cell phone, and clothing and shoes that belonged to Mr. Hamilton that had mud and blood stains on them.

Mr. Hamilton was brought back to Delaware in January 2015 and indicted on murder charges in April 2015 while awaiting trial, although Mrs. Hamilton’s body was never found. Two trial dates were postponed in 2016, and two more were postponed in 2017.

Last week, Mr. Hamilton agreed to a plea bargain which required him to provide the location of Keisha Hamilton’s body, the Department of Justice said.

Using the information he provided, Delaware State Police discovered human remains Jan. 19 near Mount Friendship Road south of Smyrna.

As of Jan. 26, the Department of Justice said testing continues by the Division of Forensic Science to positively identify the remains.

Sentencing for Mr. Hamilton by a Superior Court judge is scheduled for March 28.

Deputy Attorneys General Stephen Welch and Lindsay Taylor prosecuted the case, with investigation by the Delaware State Police Homicide Unit.