The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Division of Fish & Wildlife’s 2018 Delaware Fishing Guide and fishing rulers for measuring legal-sized catches have landed wherever anglers purchase a Delaware fishing license, including bait and tackle shops and sporting goods and hardware stores.

Anglers also can pick up the guide and ruler when buying their fishing license at the licensing desk in DNREC’s Dover office, 89 Kings Highway, Dover.

Inside the guide, anglers will find information on Delaware’s fishing license requirements and how to obtain a Delaware Fisherman Information Network — FIN — number, as well as sections on tidal and freshwater sportfishing, fishing regulations and general angling information. The guide — also available at — also showcases additions to the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament and Live Release program.

The new fishing ruler, colored purple for 2018, serves as a tool to measure fishing and shellfish catches and provides a quick reference on minimum size, possession limits, and seasons.

When picking up a guide and ruler with their fishing license, anglers are also reminded that although the print version of the fishing guide and the fishing rulers both provide a summary of minimum sizes, possession limits and seasons, these regulations are subject to change after the guide has been published and the rulers produced. This year, changes are expected for black sea bass, tautog, and possibly summer flounder. The online version of the fishing guide will be updated as new regulations become effective.

This year’s guide features winning photos from the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife’s 2017 Fishing Photo Contest. The cover features the first-place photo taken by Chad Betts of Milton. The photo shows his son, Cohen Betts, holding a bass that he caught and released while fishing on the Delaware’s Inland Bays. Second place and honorable mention photos appear inside the guide.

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