The Indian River School District will host Special Education Week from Feb. 26 through March 2.

Special Education Week will promote and celebrate special education services, programs and teachers that make it possible for students with disabilities to reach their full potential.

The week’s activities will include the selection and recognition of special education ambassadors at each district school and from the community, Spread the Word to End the Word programs, informational displays in each building during parent conference nights and daily bulletins and announcements about the accomplishments of individuals with disabilities.

Staff members and community members who embrace and promote a culture of support and success for students with disabilities will be recognized as special education ambassadors. Ambassadors will be those who carry a message of inclusiveness for students with disabilities and serve as role models for their colleagues and the community. Ambassadors will be those who support a mission to allow students identified with disabilities to become successful learners ready to fulfill their lifelong goals. Ambassadors will be recognized at the board of education meeting on Feb. 26.

Parents will be provided information about formulating Individualized Education Programs for their children. Presentations highlighting the IEP screening, evaluation, formulation and review process will be available at every school. The presentation will stress the importance of parental participation in the IEP process.

For more, call 436-1000.