A public forum, “Safe Drinking Water? Everyone’s Concern,” will be presented by the League of Women Voters of Sussex County from 7 to 9 p.m. March 14 in County Council Chambers, 2 The Circle, Georgetown.

The aim is to raise awareness of current well-water contamination and ongoing threats to public health and the environment in Sussex County. Public insistence on the need for long-term solutions is critical as County Council reviews the final draft of the 2018 Sussex County Comprehensive Plan before submitting it to the state for approval.

The forum will focus on shortcomings of wastewater and agricultural sludge disposal that lead to continuing pollution of residential wells. A panel of experts will discuss the scope of polluted sites, inadequate zoning practices and the current lack of regulation enforcement, which has led to groundwater contamination at sites such as Mountaire Farms in Millsboro.

John Austin, EPA expert chemist and certified drinking water lab inspector, will discuss the toxicity and health impacts of nitrate, why it is regulated and the wastewater spray and agricultural sludge disposal sites currently contaminating residential wells in Sussex County.

Co-founders of “Keep Our Wells Clean,” Attorney Andrea Green and Realtor Tony Scarpa, will explain the negative environmental impact of the planned artesian disposal of Allen Harim’s wastewater in Milton and address the recently discovered contamination coming from the operations of Clean Delaware, a septic tank waste disposal company in Milton.

Joseph Kim, chair of Nanticoke Integrated Health Alliance, will share his medical concerns about the health impacts of water supplies contaminated with nitrate and describe the various public health initiatives he supports.

League moderator Carol Jones will facilitate a 45-minute Q&A session.

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