Over 200 students protest national school shootings

Over 200 Cape Henlopen High School students walked out at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14.

Students across the nation joined them to protest school shootings, one month after 17 students were killed at Parkland High School in Florida.

CHHS entrances were manned by Delaware State Police. Some civilians complained they were not allowed entry, though a handful of them were able to make it to the press area to show support for the students. 

The event was meticulously organized by Cape officials. Students who chose to walk out were directed to the football field's east bleachers. Press was only allowed on the west side of the field, behind a fence. Even with a high-powered lens, photos of individuals and their signs were almost impossible. Press was also denied an opportunity to speak with students.

According to Cape officials, the following statement was read during the walkout by student Jade Shomper:

“Today we remember those whose lives were lost on February 14, 2018, at the Stoneman Douglas High school. The seventeen victims had all spent their lives caring for others, surrounded by family and friends who loved them and supported them endlessly. Their lives were cut too short. We do not want these people to be forgotten, and by standing here today, we give them the remembrance they deserve. We show our community that, by standing here, we do not want this to continue happening in our world. We want to see our generation receiving an education without fear, and for future generations to as well. We are showing that we want change, that we want school safety to be made a priority. No child should be afraid to go to school. Not today, not tomorrow, never again. Enough is enough.”

The day was sunny but absolutely frigid and blustery. Most students didn't have coats. From a distance, the only visible protest signs were those of six students. Each of them held a letter of the word "ENOUGH."