The Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs will sponsor the Coffee Hour lecture series from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursdays from April 5-26 at The Old State House, 25 The Green, Dover.

— April 12: “Nylon: A Success in Seaford.” Maria Heyssel, of the Seaford Historical Society, will examine the Nylon manufacturing that took place in Seaford and the impact that it had on the local community and the world. Built during the Great Depression, the 35-acre facility was the first nylon plant in the world. The success of the Dupont fiber created thousands of jobs, and changed the textile industry forever. This plant also powered Seaford’s economy. The town soon adopted the moniker, “The Nylon Capital of the World.”

— April 19: “ILC and the Space Suit.” William Ayrey, manager and company historian for ILC Dover will discuss the development and usage of the space suit. Since the beginning of project Apollo, ILC has been the designer and producer of the space suit pressure garment for NASA. ILC engineers and technicians helped make history when they developed the first highly mobile space suit (Apollo A7LB) that allowed astronauts to walk on the lunar surface in the late 1960s, and work on Skylab in the 1970s.

— April 26: “Doctor James Tilton and the Tilton Hut.” Historic interpreter Dennis Fisher will discuss how this life saving invention, developed by James Tilton came about in the 1700s. Tilton, of Dover, grasped the principle and used it to save the lives of men under his care a century before germ theory was widely accepted. Tilton, the first surgeon general of the U.S. Army, noticed that soldiers mixed together in military hospitals tended to catch things from each other. Attendees can hear how this Delawarean’s life saving invention changed the future of hospitals.

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