The NASCAR star toured the air base Wednesday, April 11.

NASCAR star Joey Logano was all smiles at Dover Air Force Base Wednesday morning, where he toured the base, hung out with troops and interviewed with the press.

The base tour was part of an effort for Logano to promote his spring race in Dover next month.

On the tour, Logano arrived on the base before 11 a.m., and was presented with a metal eagle from members of the Fabrication Flight, a crew that performs inspections and repairs aircraft components.

Logano, 27, was introduced to military equipment, including life vests, a backpack with a parachute, and night vision goggles, the latter of which he tried on.

Staff Sgt. Chris Sharlow was one of Logano’s escorts around the base. At one point Sharlow had the NASCAR driver wear a pair of night vision goggles in a dark room with a small group of press spectators, who were goggle-less.

“Don’t pick your nose. I can see you,” Logano jokingly said to the press.

Sharlow, a Logano fan, received an autograph during the base tour; as did a handful of other troops and fans Logano met on the tour, some of whom were given free tickets to his upcoming Dover race.

During the afternoon, Logano shot the breeze with fans and Col. Ethan Griffin over lunch.

Throughout the base tour the NASCAR star from Connecticut was very easygoing, often smiling and asking lots of questions about the duties of troops.

On multiple occasions he expressed his gratitude to servicemen and women for fighting to help ensure his freedom, and the freedom of other American citizens.

“I see the things they do and and I go, ‘there’s no way I could ever do that. I don’t think I’m wired to do that.’ But these men and women are able to do that,” Logano said. “That’s always impressive.”

Logano is currently ranked second (38 points behind leader Kyle Busch) in the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

He’s started 18 NASCAR Cup Series races at Dover International Speedway, finishing in the top five a total of three times. Logano has yet to win a Cup race in Dover.

The 27-year-old driver’s next race at the Monster Mile will be the “AAA 400 Drive for Autism” on May 6.