The Delaware Division of Public Health is confirming two additional cases of the mumps, as part of its ongoing investigation of an outbreak among attendees at two multi-cultural dances in New Castle County, bringing the total number of mumps cases to 15.

The individuals infected with mumps reside in New Castle County. Ten are men, and five are women. The age ranges of those with the mumps virus are 21 to 57 years old. Additionally, there is one child younger than 5 infected. Nine of the 15 persons with mumps attended either the Feb. 10 or March 3 social dance — Baile Mejicano — that took place at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington. Two of the remaining four individuals live with someone who attended one of the dances, and source of the mumps virus exposure for the remaining four individuals is still under investigation.

DPH continues to recommend that anyone who attended either the Feb. 10 or March 3 dances contact their primary care physician to determine if they may have contracted mumps and if they and their family or close contacts need to receive vaccination against mumps.

Those patients who attended one of the above dances or who live with someone who attended one of the events who subsequently developed mumps and who do not have health insurance or whose insurance does not cover the mumps/measles/rubella vaccine, should call one of the DPH clinics. In New Castle County, call the Hudson State Service Center Immunization Clinic at 283-7587, (and select option two) for an appointment to get an MMR vaccine. Patients who live in Kent County and need vaccination may call DPH’s Kent County Immunization Clinic at 857-5140, and those in Sussex County may call DPH’s Georgetown Immunization Clinic at 515-3220.