Board members of Sussex County Land Trust recently elected Casey Kenton as the conservation group’s new chairman.

He succeeds Dennis Forney in the position.

“As a native, Casey has a lifelong love for Sussex County and is passionate about preserving open space and maintaining the county’s unique quality of life,” said Forney. “He has served on our board for a number of years and represents a new generation of leadership. The board is grateful that Casey has stepped up to take on this important responsibility.”

Kenton said he was honored to take on the new role.

“I look forward to serving as the new chairman and carrying on the mission and objectives of the Sussex County Land Trust. There is opportunity and growth on the horizon and the time is now to strategically leverage the balance between economic development and quality of life here in Sussex County,” said Kenton.

The members also elected C. Russell McCabe as vice chairman and Blake Carey as treasurer. Forney remains on the board as secretary.

McCabe retired as state archivist for Delaware, has Sussex County roots and shares his knowledge of Sussex and Delaware history with the board.

Carey, a Sussex County attorney and member of a long-time Sussex County agricultural family, is among three new members of the land trust board. The other new members include Lewes attorney Heidi Gilmore and Ron Vickers. Gilmore has served as a real estate attorney in the community since 2000. She practices with Baird Mandalas Brockstedt and devotes some of her free time to supporting the needs of non-profit organizations in the area. Vickers recently retired after working for the state in natural lands acquisition and open space conservation.

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