Artesian Wastewater Management Inc. recently broke ground on its Northern Sussex Regional Water Recharge Facility.

Construction of the 90 million-gallon storage lagoon and completion of 8.5 miles of wastewater force mains are the culmination of efforts to provide proper wastewater solutions for customers and businesses in Sussex County.

The facility will recycle 1.5 million gallons a day of treated wastewater and provide an environmentally-friendly method of disposal. Artesian will finish construction in fall 2018.

The facility will provide a long-term solution for managing the disposal of treated process wastewater from the Allen Harim Foods’ facility in Harbeson and other local businesses. Artesian will use spray irrigation techniques to recycle the water for productive use on farm fields near Milton.

Upon completion, Artesian’s investment in the project is anticipated to be more than $17 million.

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