The Delaware Department of Transportation released its latest update for the mobile app, which includes the new DMV icon and the DART scheduled times feature within DART bus stops.

Users will have the ability to access DMV functionality by selecting the new DMV icon. In addition to being able to take the practice Class D knowledge exam in multiple languages — English, Spanish and Haitian Creole — citizens will also have the ability to view wait times and live video feeds from DMV locations throughout the state prior to their visit. By selecting a favorite DMV facility, the app can create a “MyDMV Branch” icon for quick access.

The DART scheduled times feature within “DART Bus Stops” has been enhanced to display cancellations when a specific trip is not operating. Cancellations will appear immediately when updated by DART staff, enabling customers to adjust their travel plans. In addition, a search function is available to find a specific bus stop. After selecting DART from the main home screen, a search box is available to enter an address. Available bus stops within a quarter-mile radius will then be displayed. If there is no bus service within that radius, a message will be displayed accordingly. The geolocation button continues to be available, allowing customers to view bus stops near their current location.

A new layer to locate electric vehicle charging stations was added to the Travel Map icon. Select electric charge stations, located below Partners–Waze in the selection list, to find a nearby charging station.

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