Former Firefly band releases cold new video

Firefly alum Handsome Ghost dropped the new video for "Creatures" on Thursday.  

Handsome Ghost, fronted by vocalist Tim Noyes said about his new song: "'Creatures’ is the last song on our record, 'Welcome Back,' and at its core it’s about escaping back to what you know and what you’re comfortable with.

"My brother Nick, who makes all of our visuals, pitched us on building a video around just one lyric from the song: 'Your parent’s house, to an old roof.' I really liked the idea of trying to create emotion around that one little line and I liked how focused the concept was. We wanted the song and the visual to work together to capture the contrast between loss and hope all within the small scope of that one lyric. We filmed the video near our house in Massachusetts and Miette Hope was kind enough to lend us her acting talents.”