Scott Kammerer, president of SoDel Concepts, announced Maggie Cellitto as the executive chef of Matt’s Fish Camp in Bethany Beach, one of SoDel Concepts’ 10 restaurants along the Delaware coast.

“We feel extremely fortunate that Maggie joined the SoDel Concepts’ team,” said Doug Ruley, corporate chef for the hospitality company. “She is a multidimensional chef who is fully acquainted with all aspects of the business. She has the precise skills of a baker, the creativity of a pastry chef and the ability to bring together fresh flavors to make exciting entrees.”

Cellitto, who was born in Baltimore, was 17 when she decided to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

She received a degree in baking and pastry arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, along with an associate degree in culinary management.

Cellitto, who joined SoDel Concepts in early 2018, grew up splitting her time between Ocean View, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland. She feels at home in Bethany and Matt’s Fish Camp.

“We have a low-key vibe with familiar foods that we’ve tweaked to be fun, tasty and interesting,” said Cellitto. “The menu is approachable but never boring. It’s a great fit for me.”

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