Law enforcement will be out in full force in Delaware from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. July 14, as part of the “CheckPoint StrikeForce” deployment.

More than 50 law enforcement officers will be manning three sobriety checkpoints, one in each county — Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington, U.S. 13 in Smyrna and Route 1 in Rehoboth Beach. There will be at least one Drug Recognition Expert at each checkpoint.

Two weeks later, on July 28, OHS will fund a DUI team enforcement initiative. Targeting areas shown to have a high occurrence of DUI arrests, nearly 100 law enforcement officers will be traveling in pairs to patrol for impaired drivers.

During the month of July, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety will implement several countermeasures to combat impaired driving.

"As you celebrate the summer, we want everyone to think of your family, friends and other drivers traveling on our roads in Delaware,” said Sgt. Richard Bratz, Delaware State Police, public information director. “Drink responsibly and discourage others from drunk or buzzed driving. If you feel buzzed, you should not drive. Please have a plan before you go out and pick a designated driver who is responsible and will not drink. The Delaware State Police and local law enforcement agencies throughout the state have teamed together to enhance motorists safety with extra patrols and DUI enforcement at checkpoints in all three counties. Think about the safety of others as more families are traveling on Delaware roads."

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