The Jefferson School celebrated the first day of the 2018-19 school year by introducing students to the theme that will have them learning about oceanography, geology, climatology, biology and meteorology throughout the year, “Sailing to Success.”

One of the first schoolwide projects for the year is the construction, personalization and launching of a mini-boat, a small vessel equipped with a GPS tracking system for students to monitor post-launch into the Atlantic Ocean. The boat is part of a program through Educational Passages, a nonprofit organization in Maine with a mission to “provide hands-on, multidisciplinary learning experiences for students of all ages.”

The yet-to-be named TJS mini-boat will launch in late October or November with the help of Stuart Griffin, a captain with The Pilots’ Association for the Bay & River Delaware and father of a TJS student; and Gerhard Kuska, the executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System, an organization that made a donation toward the purchase of the boat.

In spring, TJS will partner with The Lewes Historical Society Wooden Boat Volunteer Crew to build two water-worthy Bevin’s Skiffs to use on its two ponds on campus. The wooden boats, which are about 12 feet long, are designed to be used recreationally.

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