Lewes is seeking a donor of a 30-40-foot evergreen tree between the areas of Bethany and Broadkill Beach for the city’s annual Christmas Tree lighting celebration Dec. 1.

The Lewes Parks & Recreation Commission started a new holiday tradition with the Christmas Tree project in 2017 and had success with a donated tree from Liz Hudson and tree set up services from George Plummer & Sons Inc. of Lewes and Reds Dolson of John. L. Briggs and Co.

The tree will be placed in Zwaanendael Park along King’s Highway, next to the Zwaanendael Museum.

The ideal tree would be a spruce or douglas fir.

Those who think they have the ideal tree and would like to donate it is encouraged to call the city Parks and Recreation department at 645-7777, ext. 100. If the tree is selected, arrangements will be made to have it taken down and transported to the city park.

The donor(s) of the tree will receive recognition during the tree lighting celebration, a community gathering with family and friends to celebrate the holiday season.