Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security, or DAPSS, leaders informed the Delaware Department of Education, or DDOE, on Sept. 24 that the school will close its doors Sept. 28 and relinquish its charter.

The last day of classes was Sept. 25. School leaders met with students and families that night to announce the decision. A DDOE representative was in attendance.

DOE, in coordination with district and charter schools, is assisting DAPSS leaders as they help families enroll their 192 registered students in new schools for the remainder of the year. Receiving schools will work with students on credit transfers. The students may return to the district schools in their home feeder patterns or choose to go into other district or charter schools that are accepting students. The state also is helping coordinate counseling services for students.

DDOE also will engage with educators about job openings in other district and charter schools and benefit information.

DAPSS was placed on formal review by the DDOE with the assent of the State Board of Education on Jan. 19. In February, DDOE’s Charter School Accountability Committee recommended four conditions that DAPSS had to meet to retain its charter for this academic year due to academic, organizational and financial problems at the New Castle school. DAPSS planned to form a partnership with the Colonial School District and Las Americas Aspiras Academy charter school. Secretary of Education Susan Bunting, who supplemented the CSAC recommendations with an additional set of conditions for nine total, gave her decision to the State Board of Education, which assented at its March 15 meeting. Although Colonial never entered the partnership, the school, which remains on probation, met its conditions.

Find more information about the formal review at and a letter about the closure from DAPSS to its families at

Questions regarding DAPSS closure process should be directed to the school leadership. Families seeking assistance in enrolling their students in new schools should contact the school office at 322-6050.