A drive was organized under the direction of Delmarva Christian Milton Campus Middle School history and Bible teacher Caroline Schneck to provide needed items to other students in the area.

“Currently, close to 300 students within the Cape Henlopen School District are classified as homeless under varying circumstances,” said Schneck. “When I presented this information to our middle school students, they empathized greatly with the difficulty of not having a permanent place to sleep at night and how that places difficulty on a child in school.”

Working with Cape Henlopen School District’s homeless liaison, it was learned that the most requested items among the homeless students, most being middle and high school students, are pillows, blankets and pajamas. Often, these students sleep on the floor, share a bed with multiple individuals, and/or even use backpacks as pillows. Upon receiving this information, the DCMS students took immediate action by first determining how best to secure these items for their peers.

“Each middle school class voted on which items to donate,” said Schneck. “The sixth-graders chose blankets, seventh-graders, pillows, and the eighth-grade class selected pajamas.”

In 10 days, students brought in the wrapped items and placed them under the classroom Christmas tree. On Dec. 11, the DCMC eighth-grade Service Learning class then assembled the gifts and delivered them to Atlantic Millworks in Lewes from which they were transported to the Cape District.

“Our students have been very excited about the opportunity to bless other middle school students in the community this Christmas,” said Schneck. “This project also reminded all of us to be ever thankful for the smallest of blessings we enjoy.”

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