The GFWC Zwaanendael Women’s Club recently auctioned off the “Abigail II” wooden sailboat during its annual Holiday Raffle and Boutique.

While strolling down Second Street in mid-November, Ginny and Chuck Lammando spotted a wooden sailboat in the window of the Citizens Bank. It was displayed there to promote the GFWC Zwaanendael Women’s Club holiday fundraising event where the sailboat would be auctioned. Not until they placed the winning bid and were ready to take the boat home did they find out the story of the Abigail II and how it came to be.

The 4-by-4-foot handcrafted wooden wall hanging was created by Sam Chason from specifications designed by his late daughter, Abigail. This piece memorializes the way Abigail Chason, a pediatric and emergency room nurse, helped to heal her patients before she contracted a heart valve infection, underwent open heart surgery and had complications from a second infection and blood clots.

In June, 2013, Sam — who said he “couldn’t even draw a decent stick-man” — made an “awful” drawing on an index card. He asked Abigail to help him with the design he had in mind for a pallet-wood wall hanging of a sailboat. Abigail obliged and produced the design on a sheet of brown paper. Sam found a few old wood pallets, broke them down and cleaned up the pieces. The angles and dimensions in Abigail’s plan allowed him to make the cuts, and the sailboat was born.

Abigail saw the completed sailboat project and advised Sam to leave the finish on the wood in its natural state shortly before she had a seizure and passed away at age 29.

It was suggested that Sam replicate The Abigail to help raise money towards the Z Club’s charitable goals. Sam agreed.

“Our clubwomen work year-round raising money to assist people in our community, many of which are young people who are in need of food, clothing and caring,” said Cindy Winkler, co-chair of the Holiday Raffle and Boutique. “It is fitting that proceeds from the ‘Abigail II’ auction will support these efforts.”

The Lammando’s requested a copy of the story to be hung in their home next to the sailboat.

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