“Beer Notes,” a craft beer-oriented radio program produced by Shore Craft Beer in collaboration with Delmarva Public Radio, Salisbury University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, was picked up for syndication by its first non-Shore public radio station: KMXT in Kodiak, Alaska.

“Beer Notes” is a weekly, two-minute program that premiered Oct. 18, 2018, and airs at 5:44 p.m. Thursdays during “All Things Considered” on DPR. It is the first program to be syndicated by DPR, which allows it to be purchased by stations across the country through the Public Radio Exchange.

The program is designed to highlight the world-class beer of the Eastern Shore and functions, in part, to drive tourism to Delmarva and its unique array of breweries and craft beer-focused restaurants and hotels.

The program is crafted to educate and entertain its listeners, covering the origins, science, styles, trends and the development of craft beer culture. Recently-aired episodes have covered the process of brewing gluten-free beer, the impact of global climate change on craft brewing and how to correctly pour beer.

Beer Notes is broadcast weekly on DPR, WSCL 89.5 and WSDL 90.7. The show can also be found at beernotes.org, and episodes are additionally posted on delmarvapublicradio.net after they air. Episodes are available for sponsorship.

To support the program and promote Delmarva’s craft beer industry to radio listeners nationwide, Shore Craft Beer is sponsoring a contest that asks Beer Notes fans to fill out an email form requesting Beer Notes on their local NPR station. One participant will be randomly chosen Jan. 11 to receive gift cards to an area brewery and restaurant. Contest details and request form are available at beernotes.org.