Sculptures created by third- through eighth-graders at The Jefferson School are designed to inform people about the impact trash has on land and seas.

The students are hoping the sculptures will serve as a reminder to not litter.

“Stash Your Trash” was adopted as the official anti-litter campaign of Salisbury and Wicomico County five years ago. Now, The Jefferson School and the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance are partnering to spread the same message to Sussex County.

“We draw attention to our program by hosting a different trash sculpture contest each year,” said Bill Nelson, environmental education coordinator at TJS.

In the past, themes have included herons, crabs, monsters and bugs made out of trash. This year’s focus is trash fish.

Litter from streets often ends up in water, and areas of waste collection are seen in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Pacific garbage patch is an area twice the size of France.

“Fish end up eating the waste, particularly the plastic, and as a result, plastics are showing up in the bodies of animals throughout the food chain — including some of the fish we eat,” said Nelson. “Scientists have even found microscopic bits of plastic in table salt derived from sea salt.”

The TJS trash fish collection is making its way throughout Sussex County, making stops at libraries and other organizations.

“This rotation of sites helps spread the word that together we can make Sussex County a cleaner place, and in doing so help solve the terrible trash problem in our oceans,” said Nelson.

For more on “Stash Your Trash,” the TJS Trash Fish Collection or The Jefferson School, visit or call 856-3300.