Atlantic General Hospital recently announced the availability of genetic counseling services for individuals with a family history of cancer and for patients in treatment who are concerned about their family’s risk.

Genetic counseling can also help inform the treatment process. By identifying a patient’s genes, the care team can better anticipate how a cancer will behave and modify the care regimen accordingly to more effectively treat the disease.

The John H. “Jack” Burbage Jr. Regional Cancer Care Center offers the service through their telehealth partnership with University of Maryland Medical Center’s Greenebaum Cancer Center.

Patients who come to the center receive a thorough 60-90 minute telehealth consultation with a genetic counselor to review medical history as well as any results from biopsies, pathology reports and other documentation and two blood tests.

Results typically take three weeks. Once received, the genetic counselor follows up with the patient and the care team at the Burbage Regional Cancer Care Center to discuss the information and coordinate any next steps.

For more, call 410-629-6888.