Beebe Medical Foundation received an $8,192 donation Feb. 10 from The Miracle Angels of Israel United Methodist Church of Lewes to support Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center Patient Special Needs Fund.

This year, The Miracle Angels, under the leadership of the Rev. Marjorie Belmont-Burns, went beyond their cancer mission ministry goal of $8,000. Funds raised came from donations from Israel United Methodist Church families, friends, other church families and the surrounding community, plus donations from personal yard sales.

Friendship United Methodist Church sponsored a fried chicken dinner and joined them in their charity event yard sales held during the spring and summer seasons. Through these events, they enjoyed fellowship with cancer survivors and caretakers.

“The sole purpose of our mission ministry is to be able to make a difference in the health and social welfare of cancer survivors in need within our community,” said Sister Betty J. Streett. “Special thanks to all who have contributed to our cancer mission, as we could not continue this mission without all of you.”

The Miracle Angels of Israel United Methodist Church have been involved with raising funds for cancer survivors since 1999. For the past seven years, proceeds were donated to the Patient Special Needs Fund at Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center. The Miracle Angels chose Tunnell Cancer Center so that the donations would stay in Sussex County and help local cancer patients and their families.

“The wonderful thing about this gift is that it has been given by people with an understanding of the hardships cancer treatment can bring and it has been given from the heart. Tunnell Cancer Center is very fortunate to receive this gift from The Miracle Angels for the Cancer Patient Special Needs Fund. It’s amazing how such a small church can have such a tremendous impact,” said Barry Hamp, executive director of oncology services at Beebe Healthcare.