A group of Delaware Technical Community College communications students recently received a behind-the-scenes tour of Movies at Midway’s new theater, The Cube, in Lewes.

Theater Manager Brooke Lowe demonstrated the digital projection facility, including the premium, large-format auditorium theatrical facility, The Cube. Students were shown examples of the previous 35-millimeter projection process and the newer, all-digital format theaters now show.

The Cube includes a 51-speaker, eight-subwoofer systems that features Dolby Atmos technology.

“The speakers are designed to give a full, three-dimensional sound throughout the theater, so when someone on screen has someone behind them, it literally sounds like it’s behind you in the theater,” said Lowe.

The projector is equipped to screen films at a high frame rate than the average 24 frames per second of most films. Higher frame rates means less blurring of images and sharper image clarity.

Following the tour of the projection booth, students were able to experience the nuances of the facility first-hand with a screening of “Captain Marvel.” Immediately after the screening, Lowe led the students behind the 58-foot-by-24-foot screen.

“It was interesting seeing the size difference for screening films in traditional format and then seeing them formatted for The Cube,” said student Jack Kyrtsis.

“I really enjoyed the experience,” said student Savannah Swanson. “I didn’t realize just how much prep went into screening a film in the theater, so I have a new appreciation for that.”

“Many students in the program are studying and creating films of their own, so giving them the opportunity to view the entire process in person is much more enticing than reading about it in a textbook,” said Department Chair Rob Rector.