Nanticoke Health Services announced that Judith “Judy” Tate was named Nurse of the Month for April.

Tate began her career with Nanticoke Health Services in June 1994 as an employee of Life Care at Lofland Park. In February 2000, Tate transferred as a staff nurse to the Progressive Care Unit. Tate is a natural leader in her current role as charge nurse on PCU. She is a fierce patient advocate, and as such has enabled staff to provide exceptional care through her mentorship.

Tate leads the PCU through the most turbulent days with a steady hand and always puts others before herself. She has been a champion for many projects throughout the organization including “The 1 in 100 Campaign” which supported the emergency department and clinical decision unit expansion.

Tate and her husband Chad live in Seaford and have two daughters, Jenna and Courtney. Tate is the life of the party with her infectious laugh and smile and enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.