Thirty young men and women from across Delaware participated in WSFS Bank’s annual youth shareholders meeting and became shareholders/owners of the bank.

Eight students of the Seaford school district were among the hand-selected group. Seaford School Board member Jeffrey T. Benson Jr., along with La Mar Gunn Sr., of Gunn Wealth Management, and Wilmington City Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter, spearheaded the Youth Shareholder Initiative.

Investing in the development of economically successful youth, the goal of the initiative is to provide youth with an opportunity to experience concentrated wealth versus poverty. The return on investment from equipping children with the financial tools to move from Market Street to Wall Street can restore hope and create real change.

A key aim is to inspire youth to dream bigger through the acquisition or ownership of publicly traded companies. As young shareholders, minority youth improve their path toward success by gaining a seat at the table of money and capitalism.