The Derrickson family and Atlantic Theatres’ The Movies at Midway donated $5,144 to the Beebe Medical Foundation and Beebe Healthcare from the theater’s “Buckets for Beebe” campaign.

The donation is the first in a multi-year initiative in support of the “I Believe in Beebe” campaign. In late 2018, The Movies at Midway unveiled a new design for their refillable popcorn bucket to include the “I Believe in Beebe” campaign logo.

A portion of the proceeds is donated from the sale of each bucket to the construction of Beebe’s new Specialty Surgical Hospital at the Rehoboth Health Campus.

“My sister, Sabrina Hill, and I are Beebe Babies. Our children were born at Beebe, and we have experienced excellent emergency care at Beebe,” said Tiffany Derrickson, vice president of Atlantic Theatres. “We believe in supporting Beebe because we live here and this is our community’s hospital. My father, Richard Derrickson, served on Beebe Medical Center’s board of directors from October 1994 until June 2004 and Sabrina served on Beebe Medical Foundation’s board of directors from May of 2012 until October of 2015.”

The funds raised from the “Buckets for Beebe” initiative are in loving memory of the Derrickson family’s sister, Rosemary Burton (Jan. 17, 1955, to March 2, 1974). The Derrickson family’s goal is to contribute $500,000 with this five-year effort.

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