Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating adopted Delaware Avenue in Frankford for the Delaware Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway program.

Recently, employees did their part to clean up a 2-mile stretch by removing unsightly litter from the roadway. As participants, they not only improved the condition of the roadway but gave back to the community, which is central to the Chesapeake’s Core Values.

“By collecting debris, we are helping to care for and repair the environment” said Victoria Delaney, event participant and organizer for Chesapeake’s Adopt-A-Highway effort. “Together, we ‘hit the road’, showing pride in our community by doing our part to enrich the lives of those around us.”

Chesapeake treated the team to refreshments afterward.

Delaware Avenue parallels the upper reaches of Vines Creek. As a tributary of the Indian River and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake employees recognize the problem that litter along the roadway can present for waterways if the trash enters the nearby stream. The inaugural clean-up was completed in celebration of Earth Day 2019 and was deemed a success based on the amount of debris collected and fun had by all who attended. Earth Day began in 1970 to call attention to litter and its impact on the environment. Chesapeake employees have committed to the project for years to come.

To adopt a highway, individuals, organizations or businesses agree to keep a two-mile stretch of road free of litter for a period of two years. Volunteers are provided with trash bags and safety vests to assist them with their clean-ups, at no cost. They also have the option of recycling any litter collected, keeping the money for their organization. In recognition of each group’s involvement, DelDOT posts signs bearing the sponsor’s name at the beginning and end of the adopted section.

For more on the Adopt-A-Highway program, call 800-652-5600.

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