Delaware Goes to College Academy student William Garcia-Garcia was selected as one of 300 national Gates Scholarship recipients.

Garcia-Garcia, a recent graduate of Sussex Central High School in the Indian River School District, is one of 300 high school students from around the U.S. who have been named Gates Scholars in 2019.

Garcia-Garcia and the other winners were chosen from a pool of more than 36,500 applicants across the nation.

The Gates Scholarship is a full scholarship for exceptional, Pell-eligible, minority, high school seniors. As a recipient, Garcia-Garcia will receive a full-ride scholarship for the cost of attending college, except for the part that is already covered by other sources of financial aid or the family’s expected contribution, which is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The foundation also helps ensure that scholarship winners have access to the resources they need throughout college.

Garcia-Garcia will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall of 2019. He was accepted into several selective colleges including Wesleyan, Grinnell, Colgate and Emory University.

Garcia-Garcia participated in the Delaware Goes to College Academy —a partnership between TeenSHARP and the Delaware Department of Education — where he received college advising and application support throughout his senior year.

As a DGCA student, Garcia-Garcia and his family worked closely with TeenSHARP DGCA Director Kim Lopez, on selecting the colleges he would apply to, preparing applications to those colleges, reviewing and negotiating financial aid, and applying to opportunities like the Gates Scholarship.

Garcia-Garcia is the second DGCA student to be selected as a Gates Scholar since the program’s inception in the summer of 2016. Mikayla Purnell, an alumna of the Brandywine School District, is currently a rising sophomore at Swarthmore on a Gates Scholarship.

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