Beebe Healthcare’s Oncology Services’ Cancer Care Patient Portal is available for patients and their families, giving them access to all their treatment information at home and on their phone.

“It’s very user-friendly and easy to use,” said Barry Hamp, executive director of oncology services. “It will allow for the patients to be directly involved in their care, and it will really help them be informed and help their family members, too. A few patients were so excited, they already signed up on the first day.”

The portal offers access to appointment information, doctor visit reports, lab results, written reports of imaging scans and patient learning materials, and allows patients to contact doctors via messenger.

In addition to keeping patients up-to-date on their care plan, the patient providers can also communicate more effectively, which is important when cancer patients see so many different parts of the team, said Hamp.

“Now, the radiologists, physician’s assistants, oncologists, surgeons and the rest of the patient care team can find specific patient information all in one place — making the Tunnell Cancer Center’s team-based approach even more seamless,” said Hamp. “Communication will also be important as Beebe opens up a second cancer center near Millville.”

Beebe broke ground on a new cancer center in November 2018 as part of the new South Coastal Health Campus near Millville. In addition to the cancer center, a freestanding emergency department will also be built. A summer 2020 opening date is expected.

To sign up for the Cancer Care Patient Portal, visit and select the appropriate portal, ask a member of the cancer care team for more information or call 645-3770.