49-year-old Michael Oxbrough scratched a Money to Burn Instant Ticket at Stockley Tavern in Georgetown.

A Dagsboro man won $250,000 on a Delaware Lottery Instant Game ticket.

While out at Stockley Tavern in Georgetown with his wife, 49-year-old Michael Oxbrough was playing Keno.

"Honestly, it's a lot of fun and something we enjoy doing together," he said. 

After five rounds, the couple decided to try their luck with a few Instant Game tickets and tried the "Money to Burn" ticket.

Oxbrough began to scratch the first ticket and noticed that one of his numbers matched one of the winning numbers. Realizing he had won, he decided to move on to the second ticket before uncovering his prize. Once the second ticket showed no winnings, he returned back to the first ticket to discover what he originally thought was a $250 prize was actually $250,000. 

"I jumped up from the bar and ran straight to the parking lot, hooting and hollering all the way," he said. "I had to keep checking the ticket again and again to make sure it was really a big win." 

His wife and the bartender ran out after him and confirmed it - he really had won the top prize. Michael kindly purchased a round of drinks for everyone in the establishment to celebrate his win. 

When asked what he was planning to do with his winnings, Michael said that he was looking forward to getting a little ahead of the game on things like bills and finances.  He claimed his prize from Lottery Headquarters on June 13. 

"$250,000 is the biggest Money to Burn Instant Game prize and it's always exciting when a Delaware Lottery player wins a game's top prize," said Vernon Kirk, Director of the Delaware Lottery. "Congratulations to Mr. Oxbrough!"

The first Money to Burn top prize was claimed by a Newark woman in April.