Beebe Healthcare’s board of directors announced a search committee and partnership with a national executive search firm to appoint its next president and CEO.

Witt/Kieffer will assist the search committee comprised of Beebe Healthcare board members in this important selection.

“While the role of the board will be to ultimately appoint a CEO, the search committee will have a significant role in the review and assessment of applicants, as well as helping shape the candidate criteria and the type of CEO we will seek,” said David Herbert, chair of Beebe Healthcare board of directors. “With the help of Witt/Kieffer, the search committee will find candidates who can continue advancing Beebe Healthcare into the Next Generation of Care, focusing on innovation, maintaining our roots in the community and strengthening the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care across Sussex County.”

The search committee includes Herbert, Paul T. Cowan Jr., Frank Czerwinski, R. Christian Hudson, Janet B. McCarty, Terry A. Megee, Michael A. Meoli and Paul C. Peet.

A timeline has not been established, but it is expected that the search firm will be identifying and assessing candidates through this summer and meetings with candidates will be taking place in the early fall. The board is targeting a selection this fall.

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