The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal reminds citizens and visitors of Delaware that fireworks can cause serious injuries or death.

Projectiles from exploded fireworks can cause eye injuries, burns and amputations of fingers. An estimated 9,100 people were treated in the nation’s hospitals in 2018 for injuries related to the use of fireworks. 5,600 of those injuries occurred around the Fourth of July holiday.

The fireworks law under the Delaware Criminal Code was amended to:

— Certain fireworks as defined in Delaware Criminal Code: Title 16, Chapter 69 are illegal to possess, sell, or use in the State of Delaware at all times.

— Firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman candles and all types of aerial consumer fireworks are illegal at all times and not permitted to be sold or used in Delaware.

— Sparklers and ground-based novelty items may be purchased by someone that is 18 or older and sold in Delaware only from June 4 to July 4.

— Sparklers and ground-based novelty items may only be used in Delaware on July 4.

The marshal’s office encourages citizens to leave fireworks in the hands of professionals by attending a professional fireworks show, in lieu of creating their own show. Public displays are conducted by licensed professionals, and firework sites are inspected and approved prior to events.

Penalties for the misuse of fireworks or possession of illegal fireworks are misdemeanors subject to a fine. Damage or injuries caused by the use of fireworks can result in felony charges.