The Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission has scheduled two initial public workshops for 9 a.m. July 20 and Aug. 3 at Rehoboth Beach City Hall, 229 Rehoboth Ave., with a target of completing a new comprehensive development plan in 2020.

The July 20 workshop will focus on reviewing sea level rise and environmental issues and their impact on the city. Tony Pratt, a consultant specializing in marine erosion and sediment deposition issues, sea level rise impacts, coastal community resilience and coastal government affairs, will help facilitate the discussion. He served as the administrator of the Shoreline and Waterway Management Section within the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control before retiring from that position in April 2018.

Sea level rise will impact flood patterns in Rehoboth Beach over time. Natural hazards that present threats include coastal storms, severe thunderstorms, winter storms, wind, extreme heat and drought. To address sea level rise, the city needs to better understand the regional impacts of climate change, to assess local vulnerability and to create strategies for hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation.

The Aug. 3 workshop will deal with mixed-use housing in commercial districts. The workshop will explore expanded use of residential and mixed-use structures within the commercial area. Modifications of current code related to mixed-use structures have the potential to improve curb appeal and may provide best-use options for property owners. Mixed-use development guidelines establish a regulatory framework to meet community expectations and are used in conjunction with zoning regulations. As part of the workshops, the public is encouraged to contribute their ideas.

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