Sussex Technical School District is the first district in Sussex County to use a mobile app service that will help keep students and staff safe in an emergency.

District staff will be using the Rave Panic Button app, in partnership with the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, to decrease response times, alert responders to a specific campus location and notify staff members on site.

“Keeping students and staff safe and secure is our top priority,” said Superintendent Stephen Guthrie. “We hope that emergencies never happen, but this app is another tool that our staff will be using to be prepared and work with responders.”

The app can notify first responders about the exact building where an emergency has occurred. As it is calling 911, the app simultaneously sends out a notification to staff members to alert them to an emergency, such as fire, medical, police, active assailant or other.

The instant notification shortens the amount of time it takes to notify staff of an incident. The app also allows staff to communicate internally without calling 911 for situations that may not require a full emergency response.

The technology was purchased by the state for all Delaware schools.