Rehoboth Beach relaunched an updated version of its popular tree donation program first started on Arbor Day in 1987.

Trees purchased through this program are planted on public property and cared for by the city of Rehoboth Beach. To recognize these gift, local artist Bill Wolff was commissioned to create a tree sculpture permanently installed in the City Hall atrium. Each donor to the Commemorative Tree Fund will have a custom engraved leaf attached to the tree sculpture. Contributions can commemorate special events such as birthdays, graduations and weddings, or to recognize the dedication of a volunteer or community member as well as a memorial to a loved one.

The fund is a partnership between Rehoboth Beach and the mayor’s Advisory Committee on Trees. MACT’s mission is to preserve and grow the tree canopy of Rehoboth Beach.

Tree donation forms are also available at City Hall, 229 Rehoboth Ave.

For more, visit, call 227-6181, ext. 522, or email