The Seaford Police Department, in conjunction with the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, conducted Operation Cool Down during June and July, a nontraditional distracted driving operation throughout Seaford.

“The mission of this operation is to make the roadways in the city of Seaford a safer place to travel,” said Master Corporal Eric Chambers, public information officer, Seaford Police Department.

During Operation Cool Down, nontraditional policing methods were utilized to include plainclothes officers operating in unmarked vehicles such as family-style sedans, dump trucks and utility vehicles. Upon seeing a violation, plainclothes officers would contact uniformed officers participating in the operation, who would conduct traffic stops in marked vehicles to issue citations.

Most successful times for enforcement citations occurred from 4 to 8 p.m. daily.

Operation Cool Down resulted in 114 cellphone citations, 89 other traffic citations, 41 seat belt citations, two wanted person apprehensions, two child restraint citations, two drug arrests and one speeding citation.

The operation was in response to more than 80 calls for service involving distracted driving complaints in a three-month time frame. Sixty-seven of those complaints involved speeding/aggressive driving and/or distracted driving. Other complaints involved passing stopped school buses. In the same three-month period, there were 165 complaints involving motor vehicle collisions on major roadways in Seaford.