Grass Roots Rescue, a southern Delaware-based animal rescue, will receive 68 dogs from high-kill shelters in South Carolina and Georgia.

Partnering with One Love Animal Rescue, the dogs will be driven in a 33-foot bus from Georgia to Delaware on Aug. 24. They are scheduled to arrive at approximately 10 a.m. at Avenue Veterinary Clinic, 306 Lakeview Ave., Milford. At this time, Grass Roots Rescue volunteers and Avenue staff will medically assess, sort and distribute the dogs to their foster homes. This is the largest single intake in the rescue’s six-year tenure.

The euthanasia rates for the shelters where the animals are coming from is between 25% and 75%. Animals are euthanized for lack of space, lack of resources and lack of adoption.

“These transports are essential to us because we constantly struggle with overcrowding,” said Caitlin Schake, executive director of Jasper Animal Rescue Mission. “Being located in a rural, low income area, we are faced with a high number of intakes but a low number of adoptions. Our goal is always to save lives, but without a doubt, these transports help us save so many more lives. To be able to move a large number of dogs to rescue, many of which have medical needs, is an opportunity we are so grateful for.”

Grass Roots encourages the community to aid in these animals journey to a better life. The largest need at this time are donations, volunteers and adopters.

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