Some can't-miss events to dive into this weekend in Delaware, from Sept. 27-29

1. Remember Will Smith’s friend Jazz who used to get thrown out of Uncle Phil’s house on the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?” Some of you may not be old enough to remember, but the actor first came to fame making music as DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Now DJ Jazzy Jeff is on the “Vinyl Destination Tour 45” with fellow legend DJ Scratch.

Jazzy Jeff is a Philly native who made up half the duo of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. The pair became the first act in hip-hop history to win a Grammy Award in 1989.

While the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” exposed DJ Jazzy Jeff to a much wider audience, the DJ is still active rocking clubs today.

DJ Jazzy Jeff will hold it down on stage at The Queen, 500 N. Market St., Wilmington at 8 p.m., Saturday. COST $18. INFO or (202) 730-3331.

2. Sammy Davis, Jr. tribute artist David Hayes will have you cheesing from nostalgia as he commemorates the music of the legendary Rat Pack member.

What’s scary is Hayes looks the part. He also sings like Sammy, plays the drums and dances like him.The tribute artist has been paying homage to the musical icon since 1991.

Hayes performs the tunes that made Sammy famous, including "Once In A Lifetime," "Old Black Magic," "What Kind Of Fool Am I", "Candy Man", "Birth Of The Blues" and many more.

The longtime Sammy tribute artist will launch the celebration at the Milton Theatre, 110 Union St., Milton at 8 p.m., Friday. COST $20 to $25. INFO or 684-3038.

3. The only way to get the most out of your weekend is to do it To The Max.

The lively dance band features between six to 10 members who pay homage to music from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and today, swing, classical, waltz, jazz, pop, hip-hop and R&B.

The band’s accolades include performing for former Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton.

To The Max will turn all the way up on stage at the Fire & Ice Lounge of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino at 8:30 p.m., Saturday. COST Free. INFO or 674-4600.