'Guntry club' with more than target practice

Range Time Indoor Shooting Range, the first of its kind in Delaware, will open in Millsboro this winter.

Sussex County brothers Chad and Jeff Behney and father Lloyd are going in on the venture together. The family are longtime hunters and weapons enthusiasts.

“There was never really a safe place to go and enjoy yourself in Sussex, as a young target shooter. Outdoors you have to deal with the heat and the weather and scheduling. So we decided we wanted to make someplace safe for people to go and feel comfortable,” said Chad Behney.

There is at least one other indoor shooting range in the state, but Range Time is more than a range. It’s what Chad called a “guntry club,” which is something of a growing trend.

“It’s a destination spot for people to go and enjoy themselves,” he said. “Members will have a lounge with TVs, an outside fire pit, axe and knife throwing, horseshoes, cornhole boards. There will be more to do than just shoot weapons.”

Chad said they expect to open to the public in December or January. Once complete, there be will 12 climate-controlled, 25-yard lanes with interactive digital target systems.

The 15,000-square-foot building is under construction at 38531 Parker Road. It has a Millsboro mailing address, but is very close to the Maryland line. Most Sussex Countians would call it Gumboro.

Range Systems, which specializes in live-fire environments, is the builder. According to their website, the Minnesota company created the first ballistic rubber encapsulation system, the safest and most cost-effective bullet containment method.

The state-of-the-art design means that noise has been taken into account. The Behneys told the county board of adjustment that people in the parking lot wouldn’t be able to hear the gunshots inside, thanks to noise cancelling insulation.

Also at Range Time: a hands-on retail display that allows guests to view firearms with the firing pin and magazines removed.

“Think the Apple store,” said Chad. “Retractable leashes. With the firing pin removed, the gun can’t be fired even if someone brought their own magazine.”

Those will be for sale, along with accessories and apparel. Another area will display historic firearms.

“We’re going to have a ‘weapons of time’ wall. Some guys like to collect them, rebuild them, show them off,” Chad said.

Range Time has partnered with Delaware Tactical Firearms to offer over 30 training courses, from beginner to expert, and private instruction.

When it opens, customers must be at least 18 and provide a driver’s license. Those ages 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult. Rentals will be available.

For more, visit Range Time’s Facebook page.