Hop on your buckboard, folks.

1. Barrel into Lewes

Barrelhouse Blues Band takes no prisoners when it comes to tickling ears with their musical treats.

The gang has opened for national acts including Albert Castillo and Victor Wainwright.

Barrelhouse will roll out some bluesy jams at 8:30 p.m., Saturday. Admission is free.


PHONE 644-2500 ADDRESS Bethany Blues Lewes 18385 Coastal Highway, Lewes WEBSITE bethanyblues.com

2. Slim Jim on tap

Slender singer-songwriter Jim Rezac is a name that circulates in the state’s music scene.

Rezac most recently played in September’s Folk Hero contest from the Delmarva Friends of Folk Festival.

Despite playing guitar since middle school, Rezac has only been writing since 2011. Some of the venues he’s played include The Grand in Wilmington, The Bitter End in New York City and the Avalon Theatre in Maryland.

Last year he joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International. 

You can catch the music man gigging from 8 to 10 p.m., Friday. Admission is free.


PHONE 491-6623 ADDRESS Mispillion River Brewing 255 Mullet Run St., Milford WEBSITE mispillionriverbrewing.com

3. Amish gone wild

One of the most popular Amish bands on the East Coast, and perhaps the only one, is The Amish Outlaws.

Growing up in an Amish household can be tough for many, especially these days since you can’t have a telephone, alcohol or play musical instruments.

But then there’s The Amish Outlaws, a cover band comprised of rebels who represent the Amish in their own way. The gang performs in straw hats, button-up shirts with suspenders and slacks.

Four of the original six members of the band were born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where they had a strict Amish upbringing. 

The Amish Outlaws will continue to break the rules at 10 p.m., Saturday.


PHONE 227-4600 ADDRESS The Starboard 2009 Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach WEBSITE Thestarboard.com