La Red Health Center recently established the Sister Rosa Alvarez Women’s Health Program at its office in Georgetown.

Sister Alvarez was a long time supporter of LRHC’s Women’s Health Program, by transporting thousands of women and their children to visit LRHC’s providers.

“Sister Rosa Alvarez was a tireless champion for women in need of prenatal care and was a constant presence in our health centers,” said La Red CEO Per Brian S. Olson. “Through her efforts, many underserved women and children in our community were able to get the health care services they needed. Naming LRHC’s Women’s Health Program in Georgetown after Sister Rosa is just our way of saying we will never forget her and the positive impact she had on the community and on each of us at LRHC.”

La Red Health Center, a multisite health center in Sussex County, provides patient-centered health care to the diverse members of the community. Centers provide primary health care for all ages as well as behavioral health services, prenatal and women’s health care. Dental services are available in the Georgetown office.

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