This year, SoDel Concepts, a Rehoboth Beach-based hospitality company with 12 coastal restaurants, gave 28 $5,000 grants — a total of $14,000 — to summer employees who are also teachers.

“We know that teachers reach into their own pockets to ensure that students and classrooms have the supplies and resources they need,” said Scott Kammerer, president of SoDel Concepts. “We are so grateful for our local teachers, and we are happy to support the teachers who work with us at SoDel. We know the grants are directly impacting children in our local communities.”

Teachers have used the money for a variety of purposes. Some have made the classroom warmer and more welcoming — a safe place where children are prepared to learn. Others have bought school supplies for those who can’t afford them. Teachers have also created classroom libraries so students can “take out” books to read throughout the year.

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