The holiday release gives Delawareans an opportunity to switch out their license plate for a lower number.

The Division of Motor Vehicles in Delaware City, Dover, Wilmington, and Georgetown will offer a limited number of five-digit license plates Thursday, Nov. 14.

The plates will be available first-come first-serve and cannot be reserved in advance or over the phone.

The plates are randomly assigned as people line up at the DMV doors. Residents then switch out the license plate that is currently registered to their vehicle for the new one.

They pay a one-time fee to register the new license plate to their vehicle, which for vehicles under 5,000 pounds are: $35 for a title without a lien or $55 with a lien.

Customers who own their vehicle must bring their driver’s license, vehicle title, vehicle mileage, and insurance information.

Customers who need to get their title from their lien holder will go to the nearest DMV office and put a five-digit plate on hold.

They must get an MV35 form from the DMV and send it to their lien holder. The title will be mailed to the DMV, who will contact the customer when it arrives. At that time, the customer can put the five-digit plate on their vehicle.

While at the DMV, people can also buy a black and white porcelain or stainless steel plate from the Delaware Historic Plate Company for $115 and the sticker for $5.

To get a porcelain plate, the plate cannot be higher than: 86999, C9999 or M/C9999. PC tags, originally for station wagons, and trailer tags cannot be reproduced.

For more information about which plates can be reproduced and why, check out the Delaware Historic Plate Company’s website.