Milford's Terry Andrews drives when others can't

“I have good genes, I guess,” said 86-year-old Terry Andrews.

Andrews was honored Oct. 29 at Dover Downs Hotel with a Governor’s Outstanding Volunteerism Award for his years helping at Delaware Hospice in Milford.

“I feel I’m helping people who need it and I’m glad I’m able to do it,” he said. “I’m truly blessed.”

Andrews has lived in Milford for about 15 years. After retiring from a career with a telephone company, he got involved with Telephone Pioneers of America, a volunteer network. That’s where he heard about Delaware Hospice and signed up to volunteer.

“It doesn’t depress me. I feel for them and I pray for them,” he said. “But it doesn’t affect me mentally. Guess that’s just my makeup.”

Occasionally, Andrews mans the reception desk, but usually, he’s behind the wheel. He enjoys driving his hybrid Toyota Camry and put about 1,200 miles on it doing volunteer work last year. He transports patients and caregivers to and from the hospice, picks up prescriptions and runs other errands. 

Often, Andrews’ help is essential.

For example, “We had a patient who very much needed to get to [Delaware Hospice Center] to have symptoms managed. Neither he nor the caregiver drove and riding in an ambulance was not a good fit for this particular patient,” said volunteer coordinator Melody Cline. 

Andrews brought the patient to Delaware Hospice and transported the patient’s caregiver for visits. Later, he drove the patient home. 

As his award bio says, “Without Terry providing this service, some patients might not get a chance to visit with their loved ones during their final hours of life.”