Dan Laughman, of Magnolia, won Best in Show at the 16th annual Friends of Prime Hook U.S. Wildlife Refuge Nature Photography Contest with his image of a butterfly on bright coneflowers, "The Swallowtail.”

Laughman’s photo won praise from the judges for its focus, depth of field, color and composition — "It works," said Judge Ed Norman.

That photograph is one of many outstanding photographs on display at the refuge from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily through Dec. 8. Visitors are asked to vote for their favorite photo, which will then receive a special People's Choice Award at the conclusion of the show.

Relative newcomer Matthew Trucks won first prize in a pair of categories, taking home the top award for both Delmarva Scenery and The Beauty of Prime Hook. The student categories provided some of the most dramatic images. Mallory Lemin won first prize, while Weston Williams won a pair of prizes; Sara Figurski was also a winner. Sara and her father, Scott, both competed and won this year, making them a father and daughter tandem to be reckoned with.

The annual contest showcases much of the finest nature photography on the Delmarva Peninsula and often attracts more than 200 entries in seven different categories. This year's contest opened Oct. 20 with an opening reception at the refuge auditorium. This year's show features photographs from 30 different photographers, including bird and wildlife photos. The contest is open to all photographers.

Other winners:

— Native Birds: first place, Deborah Felmey, "Portrait of a Seed Snatcher;” second place, Julie Memmolo; third place, Dan Laughman; honorable mention, Dan Laughman and Julie Memmolo.

— Native Wildlife: first place, Freddie Daniels, "Curious Kit"; second place, Julie Memmolo; third place, Shari Young; honorable mention, Shari Young and Freddie Daniels.

— Beauty of Prime Hook: first place, Matthew Trucks, "Contrast of Natural Electric;” second place, Matthew Trucks; third place, Donna Parris McNemar.

— Native Flowers and Plants: first place, Margaret Porter, "Father and Son;” second place, Scott Figurski; third place, Edward Crawford.

— Delmarva Scenery: first place, Matthew Trucks, "Evening Hues;” second place, Deborah Felmey; third place, Scott Figurski; honorable mention, Dan Laughman.

— Senior Students: first place, Mallory Lemin, "Fishing;" second and third place, Weston Williams; honorable mention, Sara Figurski, Mallory Lemin and Allyson Johnson.

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