'We're getting back to the pride of SC basketball'

Leroy Mann III is the head coach for the varsity boys basketball team at Sussex Central High School. He’s accompanied by assistant coach Frank Roach, head JV coach Donte Sturgis and assistant JV/head freshman coach Corey Lewis. 

“The guys are buying into the brotherhood and the pride of SC athletics,” Mann said. “We’re getting back to the pride of SC basketball and I feel like we kinda went away from that for a few years. All of us coaches have played for Sussex Central basketball at some point in time so we bring that pride to the table. We just want to see the program back to what it used to be in the 90s and early 2000s.”

How long have you been coaching?

This is my second year as varsity head coach and my fifth year coaching basketball at Sussex Central. I’ve also been assistant coach for Sussex Central track the past four years.

What was last season like for your team?

We had a tough time winning-wise, I’ll say that. We had a promising team in the pre-season last year but a couple players ended up being ineligible due to grades, another player decided he didn’t want to continue with the team after a few games. The best thing that happened to us last year is that everyone we had bought into what we were doing. The guys that we had last year were guys I would go to war with, any day of the week. We struggled in a lot of games, sometimes we got overwhelmed. We won four games last year, lost 16.

What are your predictions for this season?

This year we have three returning starting players. Our guard position is pretty good, we got some athleticism and some hype. I anticipate that we’ll have a better record than last year. I’d be confident in saying I know that for a fact. My goal this year is to get in that playoff conversation at the end of the year and we should be on that path … if we don’t have any setbacks or injuries or anything like that.

Who are some of your best players this year?

Isaac Pettit and Michael Glanden, those two guys should be able to push the tempo, should be able to get some fast break points really easy. They’re seniors, both guards. It’s their third year of varsity so I’m anticipating them having a good year.

We’ve got a couple sneaky guys I’m interested to see. We’ve got a returning player from last year, a junior, Chase Boyle. He’s gonna be one of those guys. And we’ve got a guard coming off bench, a junior as well, Dante Spencer. He’s a shooter. He can shoot really well from three point line. He’s a smaller guy but very smart. Then we’ve got a young guy, a freshman who’s gonna sneak up there, Jameel Watson, and a returning player from JV, Josiah Savage, he’s athletic and he can jump.