Handgun, shotgun and muzzleloader deer, as well as brant

Hunting seasons in Delaware opening in January include Brant, Jan. 4-27; Handgun deer, Jan. 4, Jan. 6-11, excluding Jan. 5 and 12; Shotgun deer, Jan. 18-26 including Sundays; and Muzzleloader deer, Jan. 27- Feb. 2.

A Delaware hunting license or License Exempt Number is required to hunt, and most waterfowl hunters require a Delaware waterfowl stamp. More information on hunting license and Delaware waterfowl stamp requirements are available at Delaware Licenses. For waterfowl and other migratory game birds except crow, hunters will need a Federal Harvest Information Program number. To register for a LEN or HIP number, hunters can go to Delaware Hunter and Trapper Registration or call toll free 855-335-4868. For hunters ages 16 and older, a federal migratory bird stamp is also required to hunt waterfowl.

To purchase a hunting license, either in person or online, hunters born after Jan. 1, 1967, must have a basic hunter education safety course card/number. Hunters who took a Delaware hunter safety course starting in 2008 can print their hunter safety card by visiting de.gov/huntersafety.

Hunters who took their Delaware hunter safety course before 2008 should call the Hunter Education Office at 735-3600, ext. 1, to obtain a hunter safety card.

Registered motor vehicles used to access designated wildlife areas owned or managed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife are required to display a Conservation Access Pass. Hunters can opt to receive one free annual CAP with the purchase of any Delaware hunting license. To obtain a CAP, hunters will need the registration card for the vehicle to which the pass will be assigned.